Erase Domestic Violence and Abuse
—Physical, Legal, Verbal & Emotional Abuse—

From Your Relationships and From Your Life

From the Desk of Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

Dear Survivor,

Are you struggling with a controlling
abusive relationship and long to
understand what’s happening between
you and your partner?

Deep down inside, you know that you
are being violated and it hurts. (The
emotional and verbal abuse is spiraling
out of control.) Yet, how to break the
cycle of abuse and heal the wounds
remains a mystery.

Many people in your shoes flock to the
Internet seeking information to give them
direction. They find myths, facts, statistics, pictures and stories of women and men looking for remedy to erase the domestic violence and abuse from their lives.

And with all these resources, domestic abuse survivors still seek answers that inspire change in the abuse they live. Assimilating the copious and contradictory information is overwhelming, isn’t it?

You’d like the insight, wisdom and expertise of a trained professional to help you understand the reality of domestic abuse, wouldn’t you? And even better, you want this without the expense of professional service fees.

We can help you with just that, as we have for thousands of people worldwide. We can help you understand the psychology of domestic abuse so that you become equipped with the insights and tools to break the cycle of partner and family violence.

"I simply wanted to say thank you for all of the GREAT insight you have supplied me with over the last 1 1/2 years since I exited a life threatening violent relationship. Your articles have instilled in me a continued belief that I was not to blame! I love you for that! No one else has, nor had my back! " Anonymous

"Thank you, sincerely, for your insights that are incredibly right on the money every time! Being made aware of the reasons behind the debilitating, confusing and destroying behaviors of the abuser have helped me begin my journey towards freedom and healing. I am so grateful that even with your busy schedule, you take the time to write the information you have studied. God bless you." Anonymous

"Great Dr King, your messages are so powerful. I have shared the meaning with friends who cannot read English ...and they have been blessed and have their broken marital relationship transformed. We are so grateful to your Life Ministry." Anonymous

"Partners in Prevention is an invaluable resource in regard to the horrific craziness of domestic violence. I will forward you to others whenever I come across someone who needs this. Thank you for parting some very dark clouds and helping me along my path toward sunlight." Anonymous

"Dear Doctor, Thank you so very much for your insights. It is encouraging to my heart to know that those with these particular problems are able to get help through you and your organization. My particular problem is my daughter being emotionally abused by her husband. Your information hit the nail on the head about the person inflicting the emotional abuse. Thank you for your continued input. Your advice and insights are very much welcomed and appreciated." Anonymous

"I want to tell you that your wisdom and suggestions to end abusive relationships have assisted my clients to make their own new journey to move away from violence." Therapist

"I read your articles and they are such great help, and I feel such spiritual uplift from each and every one. I am so very grateful for your experiences and knowledge and insight that help me with each read… Thank you for clarity and sanity and the nurturing of my roots to dig deeper and to be stronger. I am so very grateful." Anonymous

We may have just met, so let me introduce myself...
as you could be wondering, why listen to me?

I have been helping people identify and heal controlling abusive relationships for over a decade. And I serve as a consulting expert on both civil and criminal cases of intimate partner abuse.

The first book I wrote on the subject, All But My Soul: Abuse Beyond Control became a college textbook in criminal justice. Since this time, I’ve published 11 eBooks and over 400 articles on identifying, ending and healing from physical, emotional and verbal abuse.

I am a seasoned licensed psychologist of 30 years (at the time of this writing). This background gives me the benefit of understanding the psychosocial dynamics that bind abusive relationships, as well as the mechanics of healing relationship abuse and personal violation.

Knowing "It" from the Inside Out

Healing Wisdom

But all of my knowledge about domestic abuse doesn’t come from the hundreds of books I have read or from the people I have helped. It also comes from the fact that I, too, lived the nightmare and carried the pain of intimate partner abuse.

So I know it from the inside out, as well. And I know how hard it is to find professional help that truly understands the actual inner ache of domestic violence, the politics of legal domestic abuse and the principles of psychological healing.

I truly understand how important it is for you to end and heal from intimate partner abuse: emotionally, physically and psychologically. And I know how important it will ultimately be for you and your family to live in peace.

You don't have to do this alone. We are here to help you.

Erase Domestic Violence and Abuse From Your Life

Imagine if you understood the psychology of abusive relationships. What if you knew what drives him (or her) to yell, call you names…strike in fury?

What if you recognized the impact of the battering on you and could see through the pain built up over the years?

What if you acquired the tools and resources to end domestic abuse and heal your life?

That's exactly what my insights and writings have done for thousands of people all over the Internet.

How Written Insights Change Readers Lives

Dr. King embraces the experiences of her readers and through her writings transformation occurs. People of all walks of life tell us how they have broken the cycle of family violence and ended partner abuse in their lives.

These writings have given readers the strength to stand up for themselves in criminal and civil court, the courage to carry on with dignity overcoming re-victimization through legal domestic abuse, the wisdom to know when to work on an intimate relationship and when to let it go...and how to trust, love and heal after intimate partner violence.

Now you might tell yourself that you want free "information" about domestic abuse on the Internet. The problem with that is what's free out there is not helping people break the cycle of abuse.

Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership

Nonprofit Partners in Prevention is bringing you expert resources conveniently, privately and cost-effectively through Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership. As a member, you have access to the insight and expertise of an experienced clinical psychologist and domestic abuse victim advocate...who has helped thousands of people worldwide break the cycle of domestic abuse.

We will update your membership account with exclusive content, from proven domestic abuse relationship healing tips to hidden legal psychiatric ploys in divorce...helping you erase domestic abuse from your relationships.

You will learn about the many faces and facets of abusive relationships, including:

  • Domestic Abuse Dynamics: Identifying and Breaking the Cycle

  • Battering with Verbal Abuse and Stepping Out of the Line of Fire

  • Abusive Conditioning through Emotional Abuse in Marriage

  • Spiritual, Psychological and Emotional Healing from Domestic Abuse

  • Effective Domestic Abuse Treatment and Counseling Intervention

  • Psychosocial Politics of Legal Domestic Abuse, Custody and Divorce

  • Best Practices for Helping Loved Ones in Abusive Relationships

  • Insights from Three Decades of Professional Experience

Your Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership will equip you with information on the core topics about domestic abuse, as well as the subjects all too often ignored and avoided in understating intimate partner violence, including psychological "gas-lighting," "crazy-making," financial and sexual control, effective domestic abuse treatment, and the costly politics of parental alienation, domestic violence by proxy and legal psychiatric ploys in domestic abuse divorce...and much more.

There's no need to comb through loads of conflicting facts and statistics that can confuse people and leave them spinning. We seek to provide you with the truth about the actual dynamics of domestic abuse, so that you are best equipped with the keys to break the cycle of spousal/partner abuse.

Dr. King's writings bring the wisdom of a seasoned psychologist with decades of clinical practice, as well as the sensitivity and understanding of a domestic abuse survivor.

"Thank you Dr. King for working so hard to help women who have been subject to not only an abusive ex-partner but the legal system also. No one should have to put up with either but abuse from an attorney just makes it somehow incredibly wrong. You have helped me a lot by sharing your insight and knowledge..." Anonymous

"Your articles on domestic violence have been a life-saver. They have meant very much to me in my separation from violent spouse, now 1 1/2 years. THANK YOU." Anonymous

"Dr. King, Congratulations. For the second year in a row your CWR column, 'Breaking The Cycle,' has been selected by our readers as the overwhelming choice as their Favorite CWR Column. You are providing our readers with much needed information and advice, and they obviously appreciate you and your articles as much as we do. Thank you so much." Donell Edwards, Reporter

"I'd make it a point to get my hands on anything Dr. King writes concerning Domestic Abuse; a subject that is near and dear to my heart. Her compassion and understanding are like a breath of fresh air in a sea of information that is often difficult to navigate, but too critical not to." Tina Caldwell, GA

"Could not be more grateful and a million thanks for getting access to your site. My daughter who was in a relationship with a woman beater and extracted large sums of money from her after reading from your website had finally mastered the courage to take action. The boyfriend has since been arrested, placed in a cell, released and now is not allowed to come close to her and her child. Keep up the good work, and only hope people like my daughter could get access to your work and get rid of bullies, woman beaters and the rest. Thanks once again... " Anonymous Parent of Survivor

"I was soooo lost in confusion, frustration, and despair, until I was finally able to find your website!! Nobody would "buy" that a big guy could be harmed by a "petite, quiet, nice", woman... And she used to tell me how, "nobody will believe you," "everyone sees me as nice, quiet, little [name omitted], who'd never hurt anyone." I am so very grateful to you, and to God for putting an open door in front of me! Thank you, for doing God's Work!" Anonymous

"After visiting your website, I had to come and tell you that I think you have done a beautiful job building and structuring your design of your sites. As we know, understanding the dynamics of abuse are so complex. I get a feeling of comfort and safety while being enriched with life saving information as well as a tool for prevention. The empowerment and education you provide is priceless..." Anonymous

What Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership Is Not

Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership is NOT a depository for the multitude of general facts, common myths, widely published statistics and free stories about abused people.

Rather, Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership is a private, confidential and convenient resource portal of vital information drawing from both domestic abuse victim advocacy and the practice of professional psychology. It will provide you with psychological expertise and practical information that blends these two fields of knowledge.

…And it delivers this to you in a user-friendly manner.  It takes you by the hand and gives you a depth of understanding that equips you with the wisdom and tools to end domestic abuse in your relationships and in your life. For example, you will learn…

  • the psychological dynamics underlying controlling abusive relationships

  • the psychology of breaking the cycle of emotional and verbal domestic abuse

  • the characteristics of abusive personalities and battering abusive behavior

  • the psycho-physiological mechanics of healing domestic violence and abuse

  • the psychosocial politics of legal psychiatric abuse in domestic violence divorce

  • the implications of the generational cycle of family violence and child abuse

  • and more...from crazy-making to authentic psychotherapeutic change

The Unique Blend of Domestic Abuse Resources

If you are questioning whether you are dealing with "domestic abuse" and have conferred with your therapist, you may have encountered a lack of understanding about the dynamics before you. And you are left scratching your head wondering, why the professionals don't seem to "get it."

Realize that most healthcare providers simply don't sign up for domestic abuse education as part of their training and professional practice. And even those who do have not necessarily encountered the complexities and subtleties of domestic abuse...from home to court...and beyond.

If you know you are dealing with "domestic abuse" and have found people knowledgeable about it to help you along the way, you may have experienced an impasse in your psychological awareness and growth regarding your primary personal concerns. And you are left frustrated wondering why the people who "get it" cannot help you change the abuse dynamics and/or psychologically heal.

Appreciate that the domestic violence victim advocates are typically not trained in matters pertaining to professional psychology. It's not in their domain of expertise.

If you recognize that domestic abuse victim advocacy and practical professional psychology are BOTH needed to help you end domestic abuse, then Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership is right for you.

Why We Are Making This Resource Available to You

Domestic abuse survivors worldwide want and need professional support as they navigate their journey from abuse to peace...from entrapment to freedom...from violation to healing. However, personal professional help can be beyond their immediate reach.

Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership provides you with professional and practical knowledge that is easy to understand without the expense of professional fees.

Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership

End Domestic Abuse

Features and Benefits of Your Membership

Gives you a new set of 30 insightful articles per month (for 10 months) on the keys to understanding, dealing with and healing from domestic abuse (emotional abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and legal abuse).

Allows you to request insight article writing on a domestic abuse topic of concern and interest to you, giving you greater access to Dr. King's expertise.

Helps you end the isolation of domestic abuse by giving you access to survivors worldwide, so you can interact and learn from others committed to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse.

Provides you with insights about the actual psychosocial dynamics of domestic abuse as it lives in your relationship, giving you clarity about what may be and can feel confusing.

Offers information to help you successfully and safely break the cycle of abuse, so that you can erase the violence in your life and live in peace.

Shows you how to heal the psychological, emotional and mental wounds of being abused, allowing you to recover and rebuild your self-respect, self-esteem and personal dignity.

Takes you by the hand and guides you in discovering the keys to healing from within...wherein the "gold" finds you and you find the "gold," giving you the peace and harmony that we all long to live.

Reveals state-of-the-art therapy for domestic abuse, giving you and your partner an opportunity to create the reality of mutual honoring, regard and respect of an equal intimate partnership.

Uncovers the topics all too often avoided and ignored, yet encountered routinely in abusive relationships, giving you a huge edge in your ability to arrest, reverse and remedy control conflicts in your personal and family life.

Exposes what your divorce attorney doesn't tell you about the politics of domestic violence divorce and child custody, so that you are better equipped to successfully navigate the family law and healthcare systems.

Shows you the dirty secrets of psychiatrics and legal divorce ploys, helping you save your sanity as you move from family violence to peaceful closure in your divorce.

Gives you life-saving tips and tools to help your daughter, son, sibling or friend in an abusive relationship, so that you can be the inspiration for their safety and well-being.

Offers help for abused men, assisting you in sorting out the core issues of responsibility and shame in being a battered man, helping you leverage change, end domestic abuse, and find the balance and peace you deserve.

Teaches you how both obvious and hidden games of emotional, verbal, mental and psychological abuse work, enabling you to recognize, stop and heal from intimate partner violence.

End Domestic Abuse

Join today for $1.00 and get immediate access to the Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership resources. Then in 30 days, you will continue to receive 30 domestic abuse insight articles per month.

For less than a dollar a day, you can have thousands of dollars of professional insights, wisdom and expertise to help you in your plight to end domestic abuse. Just think, if you act now, you can receive 10 months of professional insights for less than the cost of 1 (yes, one!) hour of consulting or therapy.

Even better, you will receive all of this information conveniently right from the privacy of your own computer. You get immediate access to 30 articles today, and a new set of 30 articles each month that you are a Prevent Abusive Relationships Member. This gives you 300 insight articles, one article a day to support you over the next 10 months in ending and healing domestic abuse.

There is no shipping involved and no domestic abuse resources downloaded to your computer. You gain instant, private and convenient access upon signing up. All you do is login to your Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership account here with your username and password.

All in one location—at your fingertips—you will have information and support to help you erase domestic violence and abuse from your life. ...And from here, you can usher in peace, safety and well-being.

PLUS... As a Prevent Abusive Relationships Member, you have a unique opportunity to shape the topics of the future articles that I write. Due to the overwhelming volume of requests we receive from our website visitors and newsletter readers, my writing about what concerns YOU is a Members-Only Benefit.

To insure that EVERY Member gets their questions addressed, we must LIMIT the number of people we can allow into the Members area at any one time. So act now while this $1 7-day trial is available. You can benefit from 10 full months of domestic abuse support for only $27 per month while you maintain your subscription.

You can cancel your membership subscription at anytime by sending us an email, and there will be no further charges to your credit hassle.

As an added Member Benefit, you can even get your Prevent Abusive Relationships Membership for FREE. All you need to do is refer 3 people that become new Members. Your earnings on their becoming a Member will pay for your Membership. Bring in 3 new Members, and the cost of Your Membership for one month is Free! (This opportunity remains available to you on an ongoing basis.)...All while helping others also end domestic abuse.

Prevent Abusive Relationships Memberships BONUSES

Because we know the danger of intimate partner violence, we are giving ALL new Members a FREE Intimate Partner Abuse Screen plus all of the FREE Bonuses that come with it. ($84.95 value)

Domestic Violence

The Intimate Partner Abuse Screen is a convenient and confidential online assessment that helps you find out if you're in an abusive relationship. This interactive test reveals the 5 primary characteristics defining intimate partner abuse, and helps you recognize what maintains the abuse dynamic and what interrupts it.

FREE Bonuses accompanying the Intimate Partner Abuse Screen include...


Domestic Violence

3 Eye Opener Special Reports on...

Domestic Abuse and Self-Esteem

Emotional Abuse: It's Not about You

The Psychophysiological Illnesses of Domestic Abuse

E-Book, entitled The Dangerous Myths & Shocking Truths about Domestic Abuse, which contains 30 pages of Powerful, Insightful Information on Intimate Partner Violence, including:


Why Couples Therapy Is Dangerous for Domestic Abuse Victims

How Emotional Abuse Maintains the Threat of Physical Abuse

Identifying Two Types of Batterers: Cobras and Pit Bulls

Why an Abused Partner Stays in an Abusive Relationship

What Keeps the Cycle of Intimate Partner Violence Going

How Intermittent, Positive Reinforcement Binds Abusive Relationships

How Learned Helplessness Maintains the Cycle of Violence

How the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde Personality Sustains the Abuse Cycle

Themes Common to Family Violence and Judicial Abuse


As a Prevent Abusive Relationships Member, you will also have access to our Special Member Discounts on select products and services designed to help you end domestic abuse in your relationships and in your life.

End Domestic Abuse


New February members will also get a complimentary copy of Controlling Relationships - Emotional, Sexual and Financial Control eBook ($48 value) to jump start their insight into breaking the cycle of intimate partner abuse. eBook available after trial period. Time limited offer.


No one deserves to be abused, and that includes YOU!

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End Domestic Abuse

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End Domestic Abuse

May there be peace and well-being for you and yours.

Kindest regards,

Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.
Partners in Prevention

PS. Let us help you take control of your life, today!

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