Domestic Abuse Dynamics

Identifying an Abusive Relationship

"For the first time, I experienced "being heard." Reading these books resonated too deeply at times, and on other occasion gave voice and perspective to unresolved questions that have been brewing within. Thank you so much! I found it an enormously beneficial, enlightening and supportive experience." Anonymous

Domestic Abuse Dynamics

End your confusion about domestic abuse. In this ebook, you will see the social and psychological dynamics of domestic abuse...and learn how to identify abusive relationships and understand the dynamics that bind abusive relationships.

"understanding yourself"
"personal validation"

These are the words people use to describe Dr. King’s writing. She doesn’t write looking at abuse or you for being abused as though there is something wrong with you. Oh no; rather she brings deep compassion and understanding to you about the mechanics, the dynamics and the inner experience of being abused. And through this, you find your own personal strength AND your own answers!

You will learn...

The difference between being abusive and being an abuser

Domestic abuse is a psychosocial addiction to control

Psychological mental abuse and verbal emotional abuse

Subtle communication patterns of abusive relationships

When jealousy is a warning sign of an abusive relationship

Psychological conditioning in abusive relationships

How to cope with isolation in an abusive relationship

The gender factor: battered men and battered women

Self-esteem, substance abuse and other relevant factors

The 5 red flags of intimate partner violence

And more...


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Breaking the Cycle of Abuse

Domestic Abuse Dynamics

What is the psychology of ending domestic abuse? This ebook focuses on the personal and interpersonal issues that keep domestic abuse going and what breaks the cycle of abuse. It gives you the inner wisdom to accomplish your mission to end domestic abuse.

"understanding yourself"
"personal validation"

These are the words people use to describe Dr. King’s writing. She writes without judgment of your staying in or leaving an abusive relationship. Rather her writing will guide you in finding your own inner voice and discovering what is right for you.

You will learn...

Understanding the glue that binds abusive relationships

Psychological elements to breaking the cycle of domestic abuse

How to surrender responsibility for another person’s behavior

Obstacles to leaving an abusive relationship

How to make the decision “to stay” or "to go"

Abused men’s entrapment in the "doghouse"

Mistakes you won’t want to make in leaving an abusive relationship

The problem with promises in abusive relationships

Why domestic abuse survivors return to their abusive relationship

Holding your own and being your own person

Best practices for leaving an abusive relationship safely

Ending the cycle for abuse once and for all!

And more...


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Indentifying Domestic Abuse
Breaking the Cycle of Abusive

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The proceeds from sales on this website support the work of Partners in Prevention, a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to helping individuals, families and healthcare professionals to recognize and end domestic abuse. Thank you for helping to prevent domestic abuse.

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