Domestic Abuse Healing

Psychological Healing for Domestic Abuse

"It's quite an extraordinary thing, hearing insights, suggestions and perspectives from someone who has shared a similar experience... The books were profoundly inspiring and supportive. Thank you." Anonymous Survivor

Healing for Domestic Abuse

Weathering an abusive relationship can be psychologically debilitating. Healing the inner wounds, lingering scares and habits of victimization and conditioning in an abusive relationship is the theme of this healing gem.


Dr. Jeanne King brings 27 years of psychotherapeutic expertise, psychological insight and authentic personal understanding to benefit you in your own recovery in and after an abusive relationship.

You will learn...

How to lift depression in and after an abusive relationship

Insights about psychological projection for domestic abuse survivors

How to establish and maintain well-being and inner peace

How to deal with emotional verbal abuse

Practical tips for successful survival in abusive relationships

To promote trauma recovery: physical, mental and emotional healing

How to achieve your proper weight and maximize digestion

Therapeutic benefits of automatic writing

About the impact of telling your own survival story

How to find your perfect JOB

How to heal parental alienation

And much more...

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Domestic Abuse

Healing from Within

Healing from Within

If you want your healing from domestic abuse to permeate every fiber of your being, this eBook is for you! It will show you the mechanics of your body’s natural self-repair, strategies for mending the mind and heart, and practical tips for reclaiming your life after an abusive relationship.


Dr. Jeanne King brings a career of clinical practice in mind-body medicine designed to help heal pain, stress and trauma. This eBook promises to open doors for your healing within.

You will learn...

The best stress release for domestic abuse survivors

How to turn off damaging mental chatter

Experiential focusing and psychological healing from within

The psychology of stress release in biofeedback and meditation

How to evoke inner healing from verbal and emotional abuse

The psycho-physiological illnesses of emotional verbal abuse

How and why the body is a mending machine

How to promote your healing physical injuries of domestic violence

How to release trauma through writing automatically

Benefits of meditation and self-regulation for domestic abuse survivors

How to overcome obstacles in meditation practice

Why self-regulation training yields empowerment

And more...

$29.95 introductory price.

($35.95 regular list price)

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Psychological Healing for Domestic Abuse
Domestic Abuse Healing from Within

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The proceeds from sales on this website support the work of Partners in Prevention, a 501(c)3 public charity dedicated to helping individuals, families and healthcare professionals to recognize and end domestic abuse. Thank you for helping to prevent domestic abuse.

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